Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)

zebra jumper



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How to Identify Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)

Family: SALTICIDAE Blackwall, 1841

Genus: Salticus Latreille, 1804

Species: Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)

Origin of Name: The Genus Salticus is a Latin adjective meaning "dancing".

Official Common Name: zebra jumper


In the temperate regions of the entire Northern Hemisphere (Holarctic).

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Typical Habitats

Individuals are most commonly seen sunning themselves on the walls of buildings and on fences. Because of their close association with human habitation, they occasionally find their way into homes.

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Recent Submissions

Salticus scenicus (David P. Shorthouse [October 11, 2007])Observation Date: October 11, 2007 Coordinates: 53.5131, -113.4754 Observer: David P. Shorthouse
Observation: Found this guy scuttling around on the ceiling in my livingroom this afternoon. He has been wandering around for 2-3 days. We had frost the last two evenings and guess he's found a cozy place indoors.

Observation Date: October 5, 2007 Coordinates: 46.3484, -72.5453 Observer: Jean Leclerc
Observation: Observed 2 females foraging on a south facing building wall.  Sunny day, temp.: 24'C.