Funding & How to Donate

   Spider WebWatch, which includes associated hardware, software, maintenance, and Internet connectivity, is funded entirely out-of-pocket. Resources associated with this program include The Canadian Arachnologist, The Nearctic Spider Database, and The Nearctic Arachnologists' Forum. To ensure the longevity of all these resources, please consider making a donation. Your support will be gratefully received. While funds can always be applied to the maintenance of all these resources, the first priority is WebWatch observations. A biodiversity monitoring program is only as good as its content. So, get outside and look for spiders before opening your wallet!

Recent Purchases

Zoom Search Professional - Cost: $120CA Purchased: April 11, 2006
   -rationale: provide an inexpensive and rapid means to spider and index site for content and permit a search portal

Dual Core Processor - Cost: $180CA Purchased: August 7, 2006